Beginning of Surrogate Motherhood

Published: 11th August 2009
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The history of the surrogate motherhood can be traced back to the biblical times. Actually, some experts state that it can be traced back to the times of Abraham and Sara. Other people pronounce that it began before them, and that it first written record about Abraham mentioned in the Bible. In numerous countries, the surrogacy has appeared since before the records. Numerous cultures have conviction systems that stand for the rules of the surrogacy and people that do not have the same opinion can be thrown out of the families. Many civilizations and religions will in fact celebrate surrogate mothers because they do good services to the others. In the 1980's the surrogate mothers were employed by the gay communities in order to build their families and this was typically criticized by the society.

The American Indian populations were the first communities that started to use the surrogate mother concept in America. In the situation an Indian woman was infertile, then the husband was entitled to go to the tribe chief and request help. The husband was sent to see the tribe's medicine man, and he gave the wife some herbal mixtures. If nothing could be done in order to help the wife, the man would go again to see the chief. The husband would be permitted to make pregnant another woman, so that he would be the father of a son in order to carry on his tribe. The infertile wife would have no connections with the child, who would stay with the birth mother.

American Indians were not the single civilization that employed surrogate mothers in order to carry on the bloodline and family name. In the recent European history, particularly in Spain it was common for kings to have more surrogate mothers waiting to be born a son. The surrogate mother would then become the nanny of all of the royal children. They would believe that they are genetically related to the royal family. Clearly, things like this were secrets, because it was the right to the throne at stake.

These days, we are lucky that because of the technological discoveries in the field of science a woman may feel protected in the knowledge that her husband has had no intimate relations with the surrogate mother. In the past things like these were reasons for feuds and battles between the people involved and this is an understandable thing. The new technological solutions have saved plenty of heartache for numerous families.

In America, the first surrogacy agency was created by the lawyer Noel Keane in the late 1970's. He continued to create numerous these kind of agencies that were subjects of the surrogacy agreement laws. There have been about 30,000 births due to these arrangement laws since then. The society clearly feels that the surrogacy is a practical solution to sterile women or gay men. There will be all the time people who criticize but if they would look at the problem from a dissimilar angle, they just may see different things and change their viewpoint.

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