Understanding Claustrophobia Signs and Causes

Published: 20th August 2009
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Claustrophobia is an extreme fear which is induced by not having an easy escape route. This phobia is often results in severe panic attacks. Some objects can also set off these panic attacks in individuals. While this is easily recognized, most suffers are unlikely to seek professional help for treatment. This is the most frequent kind of phobia in America and this anxiety disorder affects 4 percents of the world population.

This phobia is known to be stimulated by a serious phobia which occurs for a prolonged period. Situation anxiety disorder is another name that this anxiety disorder is refer to. This is due to the fact that this phobia is set off by certain spots or by looking certain objects. Moreover, there studies that find connection between genetic heredity and this disorder.

Claustrophobia can take place at any point of time in lifetime. During childhood, this anxiety could take place when the youngster is toying and circumstantially falling in a extreme dark site and then confined in a little place. This phobia can also occur in the later part of life. For example, this anxiety can occur from seeing another dreadful sight like being bound in the lift for a extended period of time.

Certain objects which are looked at during the event get stored in the memory and when discovered later in a different place can also spark the panic attack. The brain often compares the true event to other sites in your everyday life, such as when you are in the restroom. For example when you got stuck up in a lift, then this space constraint can trigger the panic attack.

When somebody is experiencing panic attack, then he/she may show up some signs like accelerated heart rate, uneasiness, fainting and vibrating. If someone who suffers from this type of anxiety disorder discovers himself/herself in an enclosed place, he/she may experince cold sweat, hyperventilation and chest tightness. After experiencing this for several times, the sufferer will become increasingly afraid of having another one.

When experiencing claustrophobia, anxiety can occur too. For instance, if somebody is inside a film theater and on the spur of the moment want to run out, or if a person is inside a car, he does not need to drive quickly or drive in a heavily trafficked region. This can too go excessive like the very look of the closure of the door will activate panic button in that individual.

People who experience this anxiety disorder will often think that he might get affected with anxiety at public places and will want to stay alone and remain lonely. However, that can contribute to depression. From time to time, a claustrophobic will believe which he will suffocate without air and will die out. This will cause further panic.

Since claustrophobia is not a disease, there are no medicines that can cure it. Yet, there are certain medications which can assist to improve the person from the panic attack. Therapies like behavior therapy and exposure therapy along with some medications can help the patient suffering.

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