What You Should Know Before Becoming a Surrogate Mother

Published: 22nd July 2009
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The decision to become a surrogate mother can be a hard one. There are many things to consider, research, and learn about. Being a surrogate is not something to just jump into; a spur of the moment, good intentioned, type of thing. It's a rare thing to find a surrogate mother who just jumped into things without knowing what she was getting into first.

It is important to first know where your hearts at; going through all the pro's and con's of what could happen, what might happen and getting all the what if's answered. You may think it's not that hard to have a baby and give it to someone else; think again, being a surrogate mother is far more complex. Consider what your body will go through, could you handle being pregnant? Would you be able to detach yourself from becoming close to the baby growing inside of you? Most women can't do this, and those who can, know they have to because what they are doing is something special that not a lot of women can do.

If you are confident that detaching yourself from the situation is something that you can do, then proceed to learn about the process of being a surrogate. Discuss with infertility clinics the process you will have to go through; learn the names of all the medications you might have to take. Have them go over the entire process with you, from step A to step Z; ask lots of questions. Remember that you want all the information possible, the more you know, the better of you are to making a wise decision.

Once you've undergone the research part of things, made your decision and are ready to become a surrogate, you can pick a center to help you get started that long journey of being a surrogate mother. Centers like The Center for Surrogate Parenting have made unique systems that help keep both the surrogate and couple happy. You will have to first make sure you have all your insurance information gathered for the center. It's important that you, the surrogate have good insurance throughout the whole process. This is a requirement by the centers because most of the time the couple have already incurred a large cost by seeking the help of a surrogate, and don't want to come out of pocket for insurance too.

Another thing to consider is your health, how is it...will your body be able to handle the series of tests, medications and even pregnancy? Many women that want to know how to become a surrogate mother often don't realize just how congruous the whole process is; it's more than just getting pregnant for someone else, as I stated previously in this article. But most women don't take the time to actually familiarize themselves with terminology and test procedures. Don't do that to yourself, make yourself knowledgeable so that you are prepared when something gets asked or comes up.

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